World Economic Disaster Just The Beginning

The global money-grubbing sleeze-fest is in trouble. As it turns out, the idea of economic growth is about as smart as shooting your toes off with a six-shooter.

by Professor Annalise von Gluttony  (courtesy of SM Plublishing)
Some argue that humanity has successfully created the ultimate economic doomsday machine. Anyone with an IQ over 50 can see how insane in the membrane the system really is. The global, money-grubbing sleeze-fest is showing its true colors and is now buckling under its own corruption and unsustainable design. The idea that the world is a limitless source of resources for crafty corporate sleeze to exploit, at the expense of the majority, is truly a sick design. You will note that corporations are continuously rubbing their grubby little hands at every sleazy opportunity to rape and destroy humanities’ future  for cash. Here are some highlights exposing the global scam as it is perpetrated by the diseased minds of corporate/political gangsters. They are the top-ten off the top of my head, which is heating up as I write this.
Economic Growth =
1/ Promotion of the idea that the economy has to grow, eventhough it is completely unsustainable, and is at the root of humanities’ current ills. The system is essentially “doomed to fail”.
2/ Wreckless destruction of natural habitat for resource exploitation. Land, oceans, rivers, lakes, wildlife, are all slated for destruction and encroachment (=fouling), in the name of so-called progress.
3/ Monetary incentive to increase the rate of destruction through stock markets, relieving shareholders of accountability and letting the corporations go hogwild, especially on oppressed populations.
4/ Destruction of local economies through rampant global trade, creating toxic dependencies on other countries, resulting in unemployment and consequent rioting. (See London)

6/ Price-fixing and a plethora of global financial scams as demonstrated by the sleazy money merchants of Wall Street, exposed in scandals as the worst type of crooks.5/ Pathological hording of wealth by corporations by siphoning monies and resources out of countries at the expense of the local populations. Normally this is called theft.
7/ Flooding nations with useless technology that only promotes narcissistic tendencies and time-wasting trivia that no one really needs.( Duping an entire generation or two into thinking that they should stick their faces into cell phones, rather than interact and live life, althewhile bilking them in the process.)
8/ Setting the world up for a fall when oil is depleted. A world without oil cannot possibly sustain the masses of people already crowding the planet today. Instances of urban disasters, famine, state perpetrated violence and rioting will increase worldwide as the global sleaze-fest continues until it collapses under its own bubble of nothingness.
9/ The destruction of cultures and traditions worldwide by corporations bent on creating a monoculture based on idiotic levels of consumerism (of similar or same cheap, mass-produced products). This is combined with the glorification of pathological corporate behavior, which has no conscience as it is solely driven by bone-headed, sleazy greed.
10/ Almost every item you will hear in the news today can be related to the ‘global money-grubbing sleaze-fest’ that is rapidly gobbling up not only our precious resources, but our dignity as a species on this planet. The possibility exists that the sheer simple-mindedness of the global corporate scam is quickly making simpletons of us all.
Feel free to add some of your own thoughts about the global sleaze-fest in the comments section below.


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