Why are Things Getting Smaller? Supermarket Scams

Have you noticed it yet?
Have you noticed what i have with shops both big and small, Mostly big mind you reducing the things they sell? but keeping the same prices.
I went to a local supermarket the other day only to find the normal brand i buy had disappeared and been replaced with something similar but with much less in the packet, but at exactly the same price on it.
Something I’ve noticed is for example chains such as Tesco etc.. Have there own brands of certain items for example there own chocolate bars, what i know these companies do for a fact is run there products for a certain time period such as six months then take them off the shelves for say 2-3 weeks then relaunch the exact item with a completely different wrapper/jar etc.. and stick an extra 2-3p on that item, but if that is not bad enough they also put it in a slightly smaller package so you get even less then what you did the first time.

Personally i find this a very dishonest and unfair way to make money from us, not only are they making more in sales due to the extra 2-3p added there also saving money in the size of the new item.They then have a massive promoting stage were they announce there brand new product, but in fact the only thing new is the package and the smaller size, And of coarse we as the customers out of temptation and curiosity purchase this item and don’t notice the difference because in our eyes it’s a brand new product.
What are your opinions on this happening and have you noticed this yourself yet?
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