The Future of Fashion

This time we are not going to talk about must have items, icon garments, seasonal key apparel, new patters, or the upcoming palette of colours for the following summer
We are going to think about fashion in a long term way. figuring out the direction in which independent designers, clothing companies, and consumers are moving forward.
Firstly, we can appreciate that there’s a main worry about the improvement and optimization of products to better meet the basic needs of customers, such as comfort, price, and safety. This empirical approach will head us to a more practical conception of design, a new style philosophy where being beautiful is as much as important as being useful.
Secondly, high-tech is another important issue in the clothing design agenda. Smart products, intelligent fabrics, interactive applications, and robotic solutions are entering our wardrobe thanks to the development of wearable technology. In this category we can include LED dresses, 3D prints and fibre optic shoes among others galactic garments.

In the ideal world, this focus on the persona will also drive us to a more ethic fashion with special attention on social needs. Some poverty problems can be solved with solidarity initiatives as cloth donations and second hand fairs. Reusing is the clue here.Thirdly, psychological aspects are increasingly taken into consideration shaping a humane design line. With this sensible approach to the user’s feelings and sensations a new wave of emotional clothing is coming. Have you ever thought about a dress that changes colours depending on the mood of its user? Well, it has already been launched by a Dutch brand that proposes to calm you down or make you smile by giving you the shadow, the bright, or the darkness that you need trough your outfit.
Finally, sympathy with nature seems to be at the top of the rank in fashion themes. At this point, the use of natural fabrics is imperative to get friendly environmental apparel like organic cotton pieces and cashmere knitwear. As a consumer, you can help choosing a pure cashmere sweater instead of a polyester one, a bamboo bag better than a synthetic item. Tomorrow’s clothing and accessories are going to be better for the user, the others, and the Earth. It seems that the fashion forecast is good enough for all of us.


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