Technology and Employment

If the governement will provide mobile phones and Internet access to the unemployed citizens, would it bring positive effects or negative ones?

Together with the soaring popularity of cellular phones and Internet applications, unemployment is a rising trend as well on which the government is having a headache with. Giving of technological benefits using the nation’s income, I strongly believe, is not a solution to this problem.
 Primarily, to be employed is something that one has to work for. 
Hence, it is not the government’s responsibility to seek a job for every citizen. In addition to that, it is not rightful for the government to provide mobile phones and Internet access to the unemployed. It is not the best way of using the money of the public, rather, it is the best means of wasting it. The government has still other major problems that it has to address with such as on the aspects of health and education. Moreover, giving of mobile phones and making sure that those unemployed have access to the Internet is not an assurance that they will land a job. Again, to be employed entails hardwork and patience and it does not depend on any material thing.

In conclusion, the government is not obligated to provide every unemployed person a cellular phone and Internet access. Employment does not merely depend on technological acquisition. 

Mobile phones as well as the Internet are good means of finding a job. However, it would lead to dependence and distraction which may affect one’s character with regards to work.


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