Stay on Top of Changing Technology: Three Trends in CRM Software

As 2013 begins to come to a close and companies start looking forward to trends that may be important in 2014, your CRM software needs to be on top of the newest trends in CRM.  A CRM firm that does not adapt to the new trends will not keep pace with what you want and what your customers want.  There are three extremely important trends that you should be aware of with CRM software development in 2014.
Customer Service
One of the most important things that your customers are going to look for in 2014 is personalized service from their CRM company.  They want to feel like they are appreciated and that they are being listened to every time that they deal with your company.  CRM software in 2014 is going to have to be integrated among all of the departments in your company, especially the customer service department.  Now, instead of calling and being forced to enter their information into the system every time they talk to a new representative, customers will be able to deal with customer service staffers who can see a full history of the customer’s complaints and know all of the customer’s important data.  Customers will feel that you value them and that will generate customer loyalty.
With the growing power of smartphones and the abundance of tablet computers, work is on the go more than ever before.  Your staff is going to need to be connected to your CRM system wherever they go so that they can get access to all of their customer information.  This is vital not just so your staff can work outside of the office, but also because your customers are going to expect their salesperson to be able to process orders and handle problems at all times of the day, no matter where the salesperson is.  A CRM company that does not offer mobile support will be well behind the technology of the time and they will not be able to give you or your customers the level of service that you want.
Finally, your CRM service needs to be fully integrated as a cloud based service in 2014 in order for you to get the most from the software.  This is part of the software as a service (SaaS) movement among technology companies.  SaaS drastically reduces the installation costs for the service provider and it decreases the amount of downtime that your company has when it comes to updates and changes.  When your CRM service is in the cloud, you can add new users and change authorizations without assistance from the service provider, and you can make the software work the way that you want it to work.  In the event that you are not happy with the service, SaaS allows you to terminate the service on the agreed upon terms and you do not have to worry about uninstalling the software.  Cloud storage and cloud computing are the wave of the future, and if your CRM provider still insists on on-site installation, you are not going to have the access that you need.
There are a lot of changes coming for CRM companies in 2014, but some of the best CRM providers are already offering these services.  When you shop for a CRM provider, look for a company that already has these trends in place, so you know that they will stay on top of the trends for the next year and the year after that.
I am Manuel Rodriguez, and I have been using SugarCRM for my small business for the last year.  SugarCRM is the best CRM solution because of their constant innovations and changes to be in line with what customers want and what I expect of my CRM company.  I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a CRM provider.


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