Real Way to Make Money Online

This is a little blog about: How to make money online 2019” with WORKING WAYS that’s easy to understand. Hello everyone, this blog today will be about: How to make money online 2019. I will show you some different ways to do that..

Way 1 : Forex Broker ( Trading online)

Forex broker is a way to trade online biding and selling some things around that’s available on the site that’s enough easy to understand but I will suggest you to, REALLY UNDERSTAND, before starting trading will real money. Some of the Forex site will ask you to deposit a minimum of $ before starting trading, this is pretty much around 50$ of deposit. Here’s are some good sites I know:
1. EToro
EToro is a really good site for beginner because it’s a really easy interface to understand and it’s giving advice very often AND the most valuable feature is that you can copy the BEST trader so that everything they do you’re AUTOMATICALLY doing it too without doing anything. To visit the site click on the image above…
2. HotForex 
HotForex is an other good way to trade online because it’s a bit like Etoro but a little bit more advance but it’s easy to use as same as Tore it’s a very good site to learn trade…
3. 4XP 
This another good site to trade but this is a bit more advanced that the other one. A big BAD point about this one is that the minimum deposit is 100$ and the other trader is just 50$ so you need to invest a little more money on this site.

Other good way to make money, but this is very SLOWER, you need to spend more time on this, this is just gonna make you money after month and month of work but for this you don’t need any skills you just need to click on everything and do what they ask.

It’s PTC site…..Here’s are some site:

1. Neobux
Neobux is the BEST site for PTC because this is VERY user friendly, this is very easy to use, you don’t need to have skill, but like I said before it’s really long to have good $. How it’s work: You click on advertisement and you get like 0.001$, so when you have like 0.60$ you can buy referrals and with referrals, what they will do, is that they gonna earn money for you when you’re not there but they don’t earn much money so you need to have allot of referrals to get really good $.
2. Clixsense
This site is almost like Neobux but you cannot rent referrals you can only rent real referrals like, inviting your Friend on the site, and to make money with your REAL referrals they need to work so your friends NEED to work allot to make you money…

There’s many other way to make money online is 2019 but I will make another blog about that to show these other later.


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