Gold Investment Tips for Beginners

Gold Investment.
Currently, gold is one investment that gives the best results compared with other investments. Although the increase in the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) in Indonesia Stock Exchange also rose significantly, which is an indicator that investing in stocks also gave good results, but due to the condition of the world economy is still uncertain so that JCI was likely due to the condition corrected stock market in the world is quite influential on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. So to invest in stocks is enough risk in the current world economic conditions are uncertain.
For those of you who have excess money and are looking for the means to invest, but do not have specific knowledge in analyzing the market conditions that will impact to our investment tools, the most appropriate choice at the moment is to invest in the most secure means. Currently, the best choice is to invest in gold. Throughout history, gold prices never go down. The decline occurred due to the movement of gold fluctuates only a temporary and long-term gold price would have moved up steadily.
For comparison, the following authors present gold price movements during the year 2011 in the Indonesian market. On March 7, 2011 Precious Metals sales price is Rp 457,000 per gram of the purchase price is Rp 398,000 per gram. But the price of precious metals has risen high enough sale price on August 23, 2011 has reached Rp 576,000 per gram and the purchase price is Rp 519,000 per gram. Although today, the price of precious metals has decreased slightly due to the economic conditions in the U.S. are getting positive sentiment due to the results of a survey that says the United States is going through a recession. The selling price of precious metals today is Rp 558,000 per gram purchase price is Rp 501,000 per gram.
If we try to calculate the real value of the investment in precious metals, when purchased on March 7, 2011 the gold price was Rp 457,000 per gram (spot price). Then we sell on August 24, 2011 at a price of Rp 501,000 per gram (spot purchase price), then the profit from precious metals investments for 170 days is Rp 44,000 (at 9.63%). This is the calculation of the minimum benefits that can be achieved, but the results have been quite maximal.


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