Funding a Desktop: Part Two

Part 2: Rallying together some allies.

A computer is a big investment. It costs a lot of money, and can take a lot of time to put it together including installing all the programs and software needed to keep it running safely. Operating Systems, virus protection. All those sort of things are needed and cost money. This isn’t something I can do alone if I don’t have a full time job. I need allies. Brothers in arms who will help me fight for my beautiful new computer of glory. And, of course, I’ll help them make money themselves in the process.

Getting Referrals

I’ve always found getting referrals very difficult. I’m not great at networking, and so it’s hard for me to find people who are willing to sign up to sites like Triond and become active members. For example, on Triond right now I have 7 referrals. Only one of them has written anything (I suggest you check them out by the way), so you can tell I’ve not had a whole lot of success. I’ve basically fallen back on using sites like this, which I’m sure you are aware have terrible success rates.
I’m always looking for advice and help, so if you have any advice on getting referrals fell free to leave a comment. I’ll read it and get back to you as soon as I can. If it works, then I will send you thought waves of goodness. In the mean time, however, how about you check out this list of websites? In the event that you are not a member of all those websites, please think about signing up. If you sign up and leave a comment here with your username for the site you sign up to, I’ll help you get off your feet on the site and might even give you a reward if you’re a particularly active user of the site. See? Motivation, it works for all parties.

Don’t feel pressured to sign up. I’m writing this article more to ask for help than anything else. I openly admit I am bad at getting referrals for programs, so if you’re willing to help me and give me some advice I’d be very greatful. And if you do sign up to one of those websites as my referral? I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.


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