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Best forex strategies will teach you all tactics based on market analysis to enable you to maximize your profit ratio and minimize the loss ratio. The more powerful your forex strategies the more profit you will make on your investment. The key in forex trading success is to make the right use of the best forex strategies. Some important forex strategies include leverage, stop loss order and pin bars.

Leverage as one of the Best Forex Strategies

Leverage is one of the best forex strategies which are commonly used for it allows you to trade many times more than your actual trading capacity. Leverage can deliver quick profits in a down market. With bond and stock prices going down significantly, forex leverage strategy can offer an opportunity for smart traders to make lucrative profits in the currency trading market.
Forex trading offers high leverage rates to the traders. By trading in currencies with margins of up to 200:1, you can work with a minimum capital and huge return on investment. On the flip side, leverage may also increase risks. It is always prudent on your part to gather some experience before you use leverage which is one of the best forex strategies.
Using Stop Loss Order as one of the Best Forex Strategies

Stop loss order is a strategy that minimizes risk involved n the currency trade. It stops any loss at a certain specified level. You can stop any trade at a given price to avoid further losses. It is a general strategy where each trader may have his or her own limits that are fixed to define and avoid losses.

The stop loss order is used on a worldwide basis as a trading strategy. It is one of the best forex strategies to guard investors at a pre-arranged point after which the investor would not like to get into a trade and can reduce his or her losses.

One of the Best Forex Strategies on Price Action Trading

Pin bars are a good way to trade price action in the forex markets. The pin bars reflect dependable candlestick patterns that are used in the forex trading market every now and then. A pin bar shows rejection of higher or lower price on the long tail of the candle. We can safely predict when a price rejects a certain direction that there is a good chance of the price going in the opposite direction to the tail.
You must learn to read the price action that is on the charts and make informed trading decisions as pin bars do not mean much on their own. You should be looking at support and resistance levels for technical support. A rejection of a solid support or resistance level by a pin bar is a good enough nudge for trading. The best way to use this while trading pin bars is to wait for the price to break a key level in the market. Once this is done, it is better to hang on for a retrace to test this level again. If the price retests this level and forms a pin bar, you have a very high probability set up for trading through one of the best forex strategies


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