An Easy Way for College Students to Make Money

A simple and easy technique for college students and everyone else over the age of eighteen to make money online.

First off, I do not have a degree in English. so please excuse the mistakes I’m only as good as the spell check in MS Word. Most students in college can always use extra cash. I can teach you how to make one to fifty dollars a day. It is really simple to do when your stuck in your dorm or apartment and have nothing better to do (but you should be studying). 
To start all you need is an e-mail account (make a new one to keep the spam out of your real one). Then you sign up at the site “Points2Shop”. this site gives you cash for filling out surveys. Its like going to the mall and filling out those surveys that people have and getting paid for it. However when you complete a survey you get points. points ratio to cash is a penny a point or $.01=1 point. After gaining points you can turn them into cash and directly deposit them into a pay pal  or any other way that they have available one being mailing of a check. Also you can get any type of gift card. ranging from itunes to xbox360 points cards. Warning, the first couple of weeks is brutal but once you get into the swing of it it becomes really easy. there are also really easy ways to get points. you can compete in games or just watch the daily video. Also this site works through amazon. So you can buy almost anything off amazon for free( just using points). Here is the link to the site ( this link is special though because it is saying that i sent you to the site. It will make since once you start and also it allows you to ask me questions if you need help.  


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