What is Strategy?

It is very common that people misunderstood terms "strategy" and "tactics" in every society. That can lead to some problems, so it is very important to answer the question "What is the strategy?".

The word comes from the Greek word Strategos literally means “army conduct” (Gr. stratos: army, ago: to lead, Strategos: military leader). Initially, the strategy is primarily related to the branch of the art of war, which is now called the military strategy. It was engaged in planning and conducting war campaign or campaigns, the movement and activities of the army, and in attempts to deceive opponents. Strategy as a modern military science emerged in the writings of Carl von Clausewitz, who defined it as “the use of battles to achieve the end of the war”. Military strategy is often classified as a trinity “art” or “science” that make the conduct of war; remained  are tactics or conduct of individual battles, and logistics or maintenance of armies. Over time, the word was coined to describe similar concepts in politics, economy and sport, so if you respond to today’s question of what strategy is, we mainly think in:
- Political strategy,
- Economic strategy,
- Business strategy,
- Sports strategy or strategies in various games.
Since the mid-fifties the concept of strategy begins to be used in the economy. The strategy involves the broadest sense someone’s long-term plan or series of related activities aimed at achieving a particular goal. Concepts of strategy and tactics are closely related. Both indicate the correct use of certain resources in time and space, with strategy refers to the objective and tactics on how to achieve a particular goal.
To better understand what a strategy, it is important to know that the key concepts that define it are the mission, vision and goals. The mission defines why the company should exist. It is a basic framework for the operation and development. Should be determined by the purpose of existence, the strategy of action, a lever which “push” employees and standards of conduct. The vision should be set up so that clearly shows where the company has intention to go. The objectives of the company are desired future conditions, results to be achieved by planned and organized activities. They are the primary planning decision in the development of the company. They are the most important initiators of the overall company activities and instrument of effectiveness control.


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