Top 10: Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits

Top 10: Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits

A list of celebrity lawsuits.

10. Nicolas Cage vs. Kathleen Turner – Turner wrote that Cage had been arrested for drunk driving and stole a chihuahua. He hadn’t and Turner had to publish a correction.
9. Courtney Love vs. American Exprses – AmEx sued for $350,000 in unpaid fees. Love claimed that AmEx issued 104 credit cards in her name which were fraudulently used.
8. Ron Livingston vs. Wikipedia – Livingston’s Wikipedia page was constantly changed to suggest that he was gay. He attempted to sue the anonymous Wikipedia user responsible.
7. Steven Seagal vs. Kayden Nguyen – Nguyen sued Seagal for sexual assault and claimed he was involved in sex trafficking. The $1 million lawsuit was dismissed.
6. Tara Reid vs. Sky Las Vegas Condominiums – Sky Las Vegas ran ads asking Reid to “Come let it all hang out”. Reid said the ads made her look “sexually lewd” – the parties reached a settlement.
5. Elizabeth Taylor vs. William Van Muyden (Gardener) – Van Muyden claimed he was unfairly dismissed by Taylor after he rejected her gay butler. She settled out of court.
4. 50 Cent vs. Taco Bell – To promote low-cost meals, Taco Bell publicly asked Fiddy to change his name to 79, 89, or 99 Cent. He sued for $4 million for use of his name without permission.
3. Miley Cyrus vs. Lucie J. Kim – Kim claimed a photo of Cyrus making slanted eyes violated the rights of Asians. The $4 billion lawsuit was dismissed.
2. Unnamed Man vs. Elvis Presley Enterprises – The man sued Elvis’ estate, claiming Presley faked his own death. He said his frequent phone calls with Elvis proved he was alive.
1. Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade – An E-Trade ad featured a “milkaholic” baby called Lindsey. Lohan felt the baby was based on her and successfully sued for $100 million.

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