Five Ways to Safeguard Your New Business

Five Ways to Safeguard Your New Business

How to keep your new business running and what to watch out for.

Running a business is more complicated than ever these days with the exponential rise of the Internet as both a great growth sector and a potential source of danger. Companies also have to think about reducing their carbon footprint, adhering to safety standards and protecting their data from hackers. Here are five ways to safeguard your business in the information age:

Cryptography and protection from malware and hacking—There are a number of services and tools out there for protecting your files, passwords, and usernames from online hackers and identity thieves. Any business that does not safeguard their data using one or more cryptographic tools is leaving its information exposed.

Backup and sync your data on the cloud—One way to protect your data is to use a cloud service. Cloud services also allow you to store, copy, synchronize and remotely update information that is contained online. Many companies are opting for cloud services as a way to collaborate on projects.

Make sure your building is safe—This should be a standard operating procedure when establishing a new business residence but it’s important to remember that buildings need to be compliant with fire, safety, and earthquake laws. Each hallways should be equipped with anemergency light that can help guide occupants to safety in the event of a natural disaster, blackout, or other emergency situation.

Make sure you have a robust online presence—This one deals with making your business ‘future-safe,’ or engaging in business activities that will allow you to flourish in the coming years as standard models change. One of the keys to this right now is creating an online presence for your company. An SEO-optimized website with a blog is an essential component to this, as is social media integration. Many companies double and triple their sales growth when they adopt these strategies.
Become energy-efficient—In the near future businesses who do not conserve energy and reduce their waste and CO2 emissions could be subject to heavy federal and state fines. Additionally, they stand to suffer diminished reputations in the eyes of consumers who are investing more of their money into eco-friendly businesses that practice sustainability and use renewable energy sources.
These five strategies should help you to put your business on the path to growth, safety, and sustainability. Becoming Internet and eco-friendly are two of the most important business concepts for today’s entrepreneurs.

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