Earn an Accounting Degree

Earn an Accounting Degree

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Earn an Accounting Degree

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For those of you who want to a member of the profession of accounting you should know that it takes many years of study and hard work to reach the top of that profession. I stress profession because that is exactly what it is. Besides knowing how to keep a set of books and prepare the financial statements you also have to be well educated in the use of a computer and have more than a working knowledge of the business or businesses whose financial records are as important to the owners and/or stockholders as life itself.

A portion of your job responsibilities might also include the preparation of various Federal, State and Local tax returns, including annual reports, sales and use tax returns, personal property tax returns and franchise tax returns. Well, that list is not all inclusive.

As an accountant you can also be employed by a public accounting firm or you can be a corporate accountant or own and operate your own accounting business for a number of clients as a licensed Certified Public Accountant or a licensed Public Accountant.

With as little as a two year degree in business and accounting you can do a number of accounting jobs such as accounts payables, inventory accounting, fixed asset accounting or accounts receivables. You can also specialize in Federal, State and/or Local taxation, cost accounting or auditing for the company that has a need for your services. 

If you haven’t already guessed, a bachelor’s degree in business is what you should really earn, together with a specialization in accounting as your major subject of study. In so doing you will also learn the fundamentals of economics, management, financing, business letter writing, marketing and advertising.

In other words, you will have a good idea about all of the things that are required in order to operate a successful business. Then too, it’s the products that are being manufactured and sold that govern how the business operations should be accounted for.

Besides recording the financial transactions of such a business, you might also have to estimate job costs and calculate estimated future expenses and keep track of the physical assets own by the company. That includes the product inventories and the land, buildings and various items of machinery and equipment.

As such, the accountant with an advanced business degree, M.B.A., has the best chance of being the CFO or even the CEO or Treasurer of the company, in that you will be involved at the highest decision making level in all financial, production and cost matters. As a matter of fact, a corporate accountant soon learns, or should learn, how the business functions and should have a very good idea of how the products are produced and the overall costs of those products.

I can’t tell you exactly which college or university you should attend, but you should also know that the highest rated schools or colleges of business provide the best education and their graduates are the first to be hired. Good luck to all of you future accountants and you future leaders of the business community.

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