CRM: Have You Trained Your Team to Use It?

CRM is the leading enterprise application to be adopted by enterprises all over the world – as stated in one of the reports by Gartner.

Considering the above-mentioned fact, it is no surprise that the effectiveness of CRM as a customer management tool is unquestionable. Be it small startup ventures to large multinational corporations, every company has or is planning to invest in an On-Premise or Online CRM system.
Now, the question arises does the mere installation of CRM system guarantees better customer retention and acquisition? The answer is ‘not really’.
As a company owner, you need to understand that investing in a CRM system is just the first step. The amount of benefit your business gains from CRM will depend on the skill and knowledge of your team. To further explain it in layman terms, the better your team will use the CRM for customer process, the more your business will grow.
Train your team to use On-Premise/Cloud CRM
The importance of training employees for effective CRM use is not known to all companies. Perhaps this is one reason why a few companies are unable to make the most from CRM solution. According to the experts, when CRM fails, it is actually the employees who fail to understand the features, working pattern and value of CRM.  To gain optimum value from a CRM system, a company needs to educate its team about this enterprise application. Only then can the employees use this software in delivering better customer services.

Here is a quick set of advice on how you can train and encourage your employees to use the CRM system:
·         Choose a CRM system depending on your business: Often companies choose a high feature-integrated CRM system that they actually do not need. Understand the idea to implement CRM is to smooth and improve the work process. A CRM system having unnecessary features will make it difficult for your teams to work. Considering this fact, make sure the CRM is simple to encourage your teams to use it.
·         Start with the benefits: That’s the easiest way to turn your employees in favor of using CRM. If you start with how this enterprise application will help them track customer data or help set reminders for customer activities, employees will instantly develop a preference for it. They will view it as a helpful tool.
Once you have convinced the employees in using CRM, then talk about the importance of feeding customer data into it. Remember, your aim should be to make employees perceive CRM as an easy tool and not as an added responsibility.
·         Identify the actual users:  The sales, marketing and customer service teams are the ones who will mostly use the CRM. Ensure that at least 4-5 members from each team understand the CRM completely. Once they start using CRM in their work activities, they can comfortably involve other members too. Moreover, they can also assist their teammates if they face confusion in using the software.
·         Use the CRM yourself: Employees will inevitably start using the CRM once they find you and other high-level executives using it. They will look upon CRM as a necessary application that needs to be incorporated in everyday work process.
Author’s Bio: Patricia Jones is an experienced writer who has written several write-ups on Online CRM, Cloud CRM , CRM solutions and so on. In this blog, she discusses about the importance of training employees to use CRM effectively. Follow her at Twitter: @Patrici99155970


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