Boost Economic Growth, Spain Ready Gelontorkan U.s. $ 8.2 Billion

 MADRID – Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he would establish a plan to encourage economic growth , competitiveness , and efficiency of the country next week .

Growth program will deploy more than € 6 billion, equivalent to U.S. $ 8.2 billion of expenditure and will be followed by changes in the country’s labor rules before the government halted activities for summer vacation in August.
The Spanish economy is gaining momentum in the quarter I/2014 where household and government spending offset the decline in exports . Prime Minister relied on recovery from depression for six years to address the budget deficit in the unemployment rate reached 25 % .
” Some things have changed in a very significant way , ” Rajoy said .
When rating the company has raised the position of Spain in the ratings of debt , massive public debt burden has doubled since 2007 to nearly 100 % of gross domestic product .

Rajoy said the prospect of a monthly report on unemployment claims that Spain is still profitable . According to a Bloomberg News survey of five economists , the number of registered unemployed fell by 112,500 people . Meanwhile , the country has 4.7 million people registered as unemployed in April.
” We may see numbers like that have not been seen for a long time , ” said Rajoy .
Rajoy , whose tenure will end in 2015 , said he also will reduce the main rate of corporation tax to 25 % from 30 % and introduce tax breaks to encourage companies to raise equity . In addition , the government will also extend subsidies for car purchases .
The Government will also publish the overall tax system overhaul next month . The amendment will not involve changes in the sales tax , which forced Rajoy raised in 2012 as he struggled for control of government finances .

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