12 Tips FOR Time Management WHO Works with Affiliate Programs

Who works with affiliate programs in several areas and niche markets, knows the importance of getting manage time well, to achieve coordinate the launch of new campaigns, study the income of these campaigns, analyze the trackings of different campaigns, performance reports, A / B testing and an endless number of other tasks that can make you just do not have time for anything else. And the truth is that when working with affiliates, time is a major factor actually because time is money. This means that some tricks having time management can be a real opportunity to accomplish more tasks during one day, thus yielding better results.
For those who work with infoproducts and affiliate programs themselves this question of time management is even more important because it will allow you to launch their products faster and start billing immediately with their own affiliates.

An Affiliate Manager is a person who works in the company affiliated with you also works. This person is responsible for helping its members to meet objectives and achieve goals that are good for the company but also themselves. All companies have professionals dedicated account management affiliate, except that in most cases, you do not even know who they are. Try to identify these people and get a Affiliate Manager who can help solve problems as simple as getting tracking codes, analyzing the performance of converting campaigns, amongst other things that are important but that actually consume a lot of time.
In most cases, it is easier to get in touch by email or Skype with your Affiliate Manager and request the information you need, because this person’s job is exactly that: to help you. So, start by searching for a Affiliate Manager who is responsible for your affiliate account, put in touch with him and seek to identify the strategies and goals of your campaigns with him. That way, you will save a lot of time on their individual analyzes.
When working with investment in campaigns, whether PPC campaigns in AdWords or Facebook, buying advertising or sponsored articles, you will always need to have some working capital to their investments. But in fact the problem starts in the time in which you receive. If you can maintain a good relationship as your Affiliate Manager, you will be able to receive their payments faster, and continue to invest in their advertising campaigns, generating a greater return for your business. Many affiliates and bloggers do not work with credit cards, but they are one of the best ways you can continue to invest in their campaigns to receive the companies they are promoting.
For those working with infoproducts, know beforehand that PagSeguro, for example, it takes 14 days to release the money for a purchase that a customer has made. This means that all the sales you make from the 15th of each month, will only be received in the following month, which prevents the creation of a working capital for your business, with a view to continuous investment. It is precisely in these cases you need to have a credit card that allows you to continue to invest in their advertising campaigns, because it offers 30 days of free credit. You just can not forget you have to pay the installments on your card as you will receive corporate affiliate or PagSeguro, for example.
Because procrastination is something that affects all affiliate and blogger, it is important to have a plan and assembled. If you know specifically what you need to do on their sites, which should launch campaigns that affiliates need to test that analyzes the performance of campaigns need to do, etc.., You will have a real schedule that will guide them throughout their daily tasks . Bet on planning for your website / blog in order to get everything properly monitor and carry out their tasks on time. Ideally you would use a same application task or else a spreadsheet from Google Docs.
Another important aspect is time management. You can imagine how much time you invest in performance analysis and yields of their favorite affiliate programs? How long do you spend looking at Google Analytics? As with everything in life, time is money, which means that you should work to properly manage your time to not spend it on unnecessary information or that does not help your business. There are several software time management that can help you understand where you are investing your time more. Surely come to the conclusion that their productivity is not even close, not nearly what you want for your business.
Sometimes one of the most time consuming things to affiliates and bloggers is the production of banners, text and advertisements that are used for the purpose of converting readers into sales. However it is important to note that this time is not always invested in the best way. One of the things that you can save a lot of time is doubt the outsourcing of some of the secondary tasks that you need not perform because someone is willing to do it for an extremely low price. This includes not only the design of banners, advertising campaigns and other things you need to do, as well as texts that you will need in your sales pages or even your blog. Consider concretely analyze your workflow to realize what tasks you can pass on to someone else in order to free you more time to do what is in really good: create, promote and make money with products or affiliates.
6. APPLY RULE 80/20
Already explained here on the blog using Pareto’s Law to make money with your blog. This law, known as the law of 80/20 means that 80% of their revenues come from 20% of your business or your job. This principle can be easily applied to their online business. If you notice, 80% of their income comes from 20% of the campaigns and products that you promote, therefore, focus on the development of 20% in order to improve their income, and leave behind all the others who do not represent a major chunk of their monetization, and that you actually consume a lot of time you could devote to developing other ideas.
Not all affiliate campaigns convert the same, much less ROI and CTR is the same for all of them. This means that you should work to invest more time to generate more sales campaigns that actually convert and give you money. Forget everything else and focus solely on climb these campaigns and convert more customers through this affiliate program, because actually all others are superfluous to your business model. Adding this, search analyze and work these campaigns that really work, every day.
Email is without doubt the greatest annihilator productivity of the world. To solve this problem, you must create a routine / rule in order to properly manage your mail box. This means disable notifications of new entries when you are working to avoid stopping their tasks to the detriment of new mail. Added to that, you must create a specific time to query emails. If you receive many emails, consider accessing your email box 2-4 times per day, with well-defined schedules. That way you release the remaining time to work quiet without constantly interrupting your productivity to read something new arrival to your mailbox.
The best way to get more energy to do more work is undoubtedly the exercise. How do you spend the majority of their time in front of a computer, it is important that you also have discretion to conduct exercise at least 3 times a week. This will help you reduce your stress levels and anxiety, and will also help your body produce more energy to better meet their work schedules. Contrary to what many professionals think, exercise is the best way to improve productivity in the workplace. Consider reading more on this Article Healthy Habits for bloggers.
Not all professionals working in the same way. Many are more productive in the morning, while others are more produced late at night. Identify the times when you really are more productive, and direct their work towards better enjoy this beloved time in order to produce more and do more work. If you just can not wake up at 8am and be productive during this period early riser, just do not. Adapt to your condition and bet on that timing the start you know you will be more productive.
Although you may not believe it, the truth is that the keyboard shortcuts are one of the best ways to make time in your work routine. Look for the best shortcuts to your favorite programs and tools in order to perform their tasks more quickly. As for practicing, you will realize this change in productivity.
The Pomodoro technique is also a great way to break the routine and improve their productivity through small breaks. This technique basically consists of work by cycles of 25 minutes + 5 minute break, or you work consecutively for 25 minutes and then performs a pause of 5 minutes. For each cycle of 2 hours, you will be entitled to 30 extra minutes of free time. If you have difficulty maintaining focus on your work, you can use a methodology longer the kind of work 50 minutes + 10 minutes break. That way you maintain your productivity continuously for longer periods, but eventually also compensate with a break higher. These pauses to enjoy food, drink water, coffee, or just hang out a bit to the street to relieve head and back in the fullness of his faculties.


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